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Backups are performed every other friday.
The backup server is named, and is operated join with the Shoichet Lab.
Our backup software is arkeia.
Our tape library is an Exabyte 221L, with one LTO2 drive. Tapes have a capacity of 200GB native.
We generally purcahse TDK media via CDWG.

3 Tape sets exist, named MJ Full Set A, MJ Full Set B, MJ Full Set C.
Each set consists of 14-20 LTO2 tapes. All tapes are barcoded. Barcode numbers are not to be assumed contiguous.
Backups are started manually on Friday evenings, and generally complete before Monday morning.

On friday afternoons, Iron Mountain picks up and delivers tapes. A rotation schedule will soon be posted.
Pascal, John Irwin, and Matt Jacobson are authroized to deal with Iron Mountain.

Currently full backups run from jones, chelsea, and hamlet.

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