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Our Intel compilers and the Intel MKL are located at /software/intel
Shell scripts to set appropriate PATHs and LD_LIBRARY_PATHs are available at /software/intel/intel(32|64).(sh|csh)

Packages currently installed:

  • cc 9.1.049
  • cc 10.1.011
  • cce 10.1.011
  • fc 9.1.045
  • fc 10.1.011
  • fce 10.1.011
  • idb 9.1.045
  • idb 10.1.101
  • idbe 10.1.011
  • mkl 7.0
  • mkl 9.1
  • mkl

Using the appropriate versions of these compilers and including the correct LD_LIBRARY_PATHs for dynamically linked binaries made by these compilers can be complex. Be sure to verify that any sensitive calculations are performed with the appropriate versions of the libraries. Using different versions of the libraries may result in unexpected failures, or drifts in calculations. Compiling static binaries for sensitive software will alleviate this problem, but can be difficult.

As we install newer versions of the compilers, the old ones will be retained.
Paths for the compilers and the debuggers take the form of: /software/intel/<package>/<version>/
Paths for the MKL take the form of: /software/intel/mkl/<version>

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