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solvent is a energy parameter command used to specify the solvent model.

The possible solvent models are:

   agbnp agb/np 
   agbnp_ext agb/np_ext 
   chloroform                        - 
   csgb_np csgbnp csgb/np
   csgb_sa csgbsa cgbsa csgb/sa
   ddd                               - distance dependent dielectric
   'gaus gsgb_g'
   gsgb_np gsgbnp gsgb/np
   gsgb_sa gsgbsa ggbsa gsgb/sa
   ovd vsgb2                         - optimized variable dielectric, vsgb2.0
   sgbagbnp sgbagb/np 
   sgbcsgbagbnp sgbcsgbagb/np 
   sgbcsgb_np sgbcsgbnp sgbcsgb/np
   sgbcsgb_sa sgbcsgbsa sgbcsgb/sa
   sgb_np sgbnp sgb/np
   sgb_sa sgbsa gbsa sgb/sa
   vacuum                            - no dielectric screening
   vdcgb_np vdcgbnp vdcgb/np
   vdgb_np vdgbnp vsgb1 vdgb/np
   vdsgbagbnp vdsgbagb/np 
   vdsgbcsgbagbnp vdsgbcsgbagb/np 
   vdsgbcsgb_np vdsgbcsgbnp vdsgbcsgb/np
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